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AES Laurel Mountain plans to construct a $250 million wind project along the Laurel Mountain ridgeline of Barbour and Randolph Counties, West Virginia. The project will encompass a total of 65 wind turbines, a substation, O&M building, and switchyard. During the course of the geotechnical exploration for the wind turbines and planning of the excavation for the substation, it was decided that more information and engineering design was required for the substation grading. FSR Engineering was contacted by Renewable Resource Consultants, LLC and asked to perform field investigation and design of the substation excavation.

FSR Engineering performed structural field mapping of the sedimentary rock units at the site; completed structural core logging for the rock core drilling and supervised down hole camera televiewer work. The engineering evaluation performed for the proposed 100 foot high excavation involved kinematic analyses and slope stability & rockfall modeling. We provided recommendations for a rock slope that would be essentially maintenance-free and also provided options for rock reinforcement in order to decrease the excavation footprint if required.