FSR has joined Crux Engineering Group and is now operating under the name CEG.  Stay tuned for our new website and visit www.cruxsub.com/engineering to learn more about our increased capabilities!

Fisher & Strickler Rock Engineering, LLC provides services for the mining, water resources, civil construction, renewable energy, and transportation industries. Typical projects include:

  • Rock Slopes
  • Foundations
  • Landslides
  • Tunnels
  • Open Pit and Underground Mining
  • Material Resource Evaluations

By integrating practical application of existing technology and investment in new technology we offer our clients state-of-the-art professional consultation and have established ourselves as a leader in the geotechnical field of rock mechanics.  We believe that client satisfaction is the foundation of our company and that the commitment and competency of our staff is the key for offering excellence to our clients. Our purpose is to provide superior client service and value while assisting the communities we work in with our time and financial resources.

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Fisher & Strickler Rock Engineering is pleased to provide this pdf of our Statement of Qualifications which summarizes our project related experience and areas of expertise.